March 2020 Update

WWII MIA Recovery in Europe
Links to news items on Gray’s recent WWII MIA recovery in Europe:
UNO Leading Joint Effort To Recover Missing World War II Airmen In Germany

75 years after the air battle: US archaeologists are looking for bombers in Kimratshofen [GERMAN]

A Tuskegee hero is buried 75 years after his death in World War II
The Birmingham News

PBS NOVA documentary excerpt
Here’s a link to an excerpt from the PBS NOVA documentary The Last B-24,
which featured our work on helping to recover the remains of Tuskegee Airman Capt. Lawrence Dickson:

Livestream of DPAA’s work on MIA recoveries
You can also see a Livestream from a 2017 session on the DPAA’s work on MIA recoveries (including Dr. Gray) at the link here:

Other news/media links:

Voodoo City podcast
Podcast on research at the St. Peter Street Cemetery:
Voodoo City podcast, Episode 11
Listen on | Listen on Spotify

Link to archaeology tour on New Orleans Historical:
Check out our ever-expanding archaeology tour on New Orleans Historical, a web-based app available for iPhone or Android:
The City Beneath the City: Archaeology of New Orleans

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